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JaJah + Yahoo!, GrandCentral / Google

In this announcement JaJah is said to power the Yahoo! Voice offering. I see, so.. what happened to the Dialpad assets? Once coud surmise that running the terminaiton business was not making a great deal of money. At one cent per minute that might likely be the case.

While on the topic of Dialpad, Andy mentions that Grandcentral's main guy Craig Walker has recently updated the GC blog with a soft promise of something new.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

It's so weird, 15 years ago I found myself mulling over the use of softphones and how they might change the way people communicate, that never really happened. Yes, Skype and even Xten/Counterpath had an impact but in the end, humans like their handsets… and more importantly, Quality of Service. 

Jajah leverages callback and so does Grandcentral to a certian degree which certainly helps, Lypp is no diferent.

I am just not sure that North American businesses are ready for a VoIP at the edge pure-play yet. Could it be that much of this is just.. noise?!

Lypp Eliminates Wireless Long Distance For Canadian BlackBerry Users

Vancouver, September 24, 2007. Lypp announced today the launch of its first service, which eliminates wireless long distance costs for Canadian BlackBerry users. Lypp’s service works on any recent BlackBerry model and does not require installation of additional software.

“While other countries are seeing their telecommunications costs falling, Canadian wireless carriers continue to charge exorbitant rates for long distance, as high as $0.30 per minute” said Lypp Co-Founder & CEO Erik Lagerway. “We find this situation unacceptable and unfair, and our solution is a simple alternative that BlackBerry users can set up in seconds and use for calls to anywhere in North America with no long distance charges and the call quality and reliability of a regular phone call. To kick start our launch we’re offering the service for free to anyone who signs up via our website at http://lypp.com.”

The Lypp service is available now at http://lypp.com.

About Lypp Lypp is disrupting the telecommunications industry by using the data connections and applications that already exist on cell phones and mobile devices to give users features and pricing that the wireless carriers don’t, won’t or can’t offer.

For More Information
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(778) 998-9543

BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research in Motion Ltd.

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