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Ribbit sold, what's going on with Lypp?

Already a couple of days old now is the news that Ribbit just sold for $105m with (£53m) in cash. A congratulations is in order for Ted Griggs and his crew!

Due to this news Lypp is receiving a bit more attention and I have recently been asked by a few interested parties, “What are you going to do with Lypp?”.

The short answer is “We are building a profitable company.” The long answer is, “We are building a profitable company.”

Next week as we will be announcing the availability of the Lypp Teleconferencing service in more than 20 countries Worldwide with more to come shortly thereafter. Countries in this next release include; UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong and 15 more.

The international rates will be competitive, as an example Australia will be the same price as our North American rate at 9 cents/min with zero long distance calling costs. International Toll Free will be unnecessary considering Lypp calls all the meeting participants, in all countries served, at the time of the meeting.

So that is what is going on with Lypp. We are on track and I am thrilled with our progress. Yes, there are some interesting conversations in play and we will see where that takes us but the end game is to create a healthy company that continues to grow.

Outlook Calendar Gets A Voice

Lypp for Outlook is nearly complete. Here are the highlights:

  • Lypp account optionally created on download/install
  • Integrates with Outlook address book and Exchange global contact store
  • Sync with Outlook contacts and Lypp contacts
  • Create Conference Call and Calendar event at same time.
  • Schedule outbound calls or dial-in Toll Free calls or combination of the two.
  • Edit/modify existing call/meeting.
  • Create recurring Calls/Meeting
  • Right click on contact to create call

Even though I am not so much a Windows guy anymore I have been using the Lypp for Outlook Add-in through Parallels and I have to say, it makes my life soooo much easier. Now I can schedule my calendar events and my calls (even 1 to 1) at the same time, no more swivel chair.

Hmm, now if only someone would mashup the Lypp API with Google Calendar…

Cheap Mobile Calls in Canada

I had a great conversation today from a new Lypp user who was blown away by the Lypp mobile calling service that is current being offered at Lypp.com. The one thing that this gentleman kept reiterating was that mobile calling in Canada is so costly and how Lypp service all of North America for one low price.

It was so great to have some positive feedback on the service and I hope they will be even happier when they see the new features we are unleashing in February.

Next month we will be launching a new Next Generation Conference Calling service but at the same time we will be enhancing the current mobile offering at Lypp.com. Lypp mobile calling users in Canada will soon be introduced to a host of new features that we believe will enhance their mobile calling experience, at no extra cost.

Lypp Wins "Best in Voice Services Category" at Under the Radar Mobility Conference

Update: It's official, Lypp Wins Best in Voice Services Category at Under the Radar Mobility Conference 


Lypp Co-founder – Daniel Gibbons won the hearts of the judges today. During his presentation of Lypp mobile voice services at the Under the Radar Mobility Conference it became apparent that Dan was no fan of the "give it away for free and make it up in volume" tactics some of the other service providers have been adopting.

The Panel.. 

Dan went on to deliver a great presentation on how Lypp is delivering simple group calling and conference calling services for mobile users and how we plan to expand on that service and the accompanying API in the coming months.

Well done partner!

Ruby on Rails VoIP Plugin

We are making some great progress at Lypp these days. Last week we unveiled our new mobile app at Lypp.com (built on the Lypp VoIP API of course), today we released our Ruby on Rails VoIP Plugin. Here are some details taken from the Lypp Blog.

Ruby on Rails + = 🙂

Here is the very first Ruby on Rails Plugin for VoIP from Lypp, based on the Lypp VoIP API. If you know Ruby on Rails, you now know how to integrate VoIP.

Within an hour you should be able to create a voip widget and make your first call from your application, no joke. Email api AT lypp.com for a username and password.

Stay tuned for the VoIP Mashup Contest we will be announcing soon! 

The Business of APIs – Conference


At the The Business of APIs Conference today, looking forward to a great day of conversation with like-minded people.

Just met with Oren Michels, Founder of Mashery. Great guy, truly understands the business of web services. I can see Lypp using Mashery's proxy API for reporting, authentication etc. There are some great case studies from Pikeo , Compete and RockYou.

I have just had a great conversation with Debbie Landa and Shay Nowick of Dealmaker Media. Shay asked a basic question, tell me what you do in one sentence, here it is… 

"Lypp is the EC2 /S3 of VoIP."

Simply put, we are the pay as you go web services provider for VoiP. Partners access our service via the RESTful API. If you want to integrate VoIP into your application, Lypp is a great place to start and complete your journey. The average time is takes for developers to make their first real phone call using the Lypp API is now less than 2 hours, and that's no joke. Get yourself a username and password to access the Lypp API, just email api@lypp.com.

Just had a great conversation with Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelist at Amazon. Sounds like some cool stuff is about to hit this eve, keep your ears to the rail.

Etel, Ecomm and VoIP Mashups

Etel VoIP Mashup – Virtual Conference App.

Update: Looks like I am not the only one who has had it with old school conferences. Scoble has some great points here!


Since it is unlikely that my idea of a virtual Etel conference will make it on it's own, here is another thought. Why not have a mashup contest with the target application being a Virtual Conference application that could be used with ANY physical conference or expo?

This new app could be used to provide those of us who can't afford or just simply can't physically be at conferences the opportunity to participate. There would be video and audio of each session streamed live over the net, during Q and A attendees on the net could click a button and their phone would ring. At the other end would be a session host who would take your question, introduce the attendee to the panel and then the attendee would ask the question.

We could also integrate presence and show notes in an very interesting way by making use of Twitter, Pownce etc.

If there is to be another Etel (or Ecomm), I think we should step out of the 20th Century and push the IP communications envelope, that is what the essence of Etel was all about, wasn't it?

VoIP Mashups and Building VoIP Applications

VoIP APIs + Development = VoIP Mashup 

Scoble posted a great video of a Zude demo the other day which looks to have some great promise. It's like a social network mashup within a social network. Make sense?  I am not going to go into greate detail on the service apart from saying that I was impressed with the ease at which I was able to drop code my Zude page and manipulate images with relative ease, 2 of my pet peaves with any existing web app/blog software.

So the social network scene is heating up which is a good thing, Facebook and MySpace need the competition. There has also been some action in the VoIP Mashup scene of late led primarily by Thomas Howe and Company, go Thomas!

VoIP Mashups are not really all that new. VoIP APIs / SDKs / toolkits have been used in combination with other VoIP APIs in many instances over the years to create various telephony applications. Going WAY back I can remember dorking around with the NetMeeting SDK and other toolkits to produce what could be considered an early H.323 version of Skype.

The technology has come a long way since then and SIP now rules the open standards VoIP roost and I believe we are all better off because of it. As I look back on the state of the industry from the mid-late 90's I can see some distinct similarities in the sales and marketing approach of the old school VARs and the VoIP consultants of today.

The multi-port protocols of old and the lack of support for the SDKs that were represented back then are behind us. In their place are some very well designed and thoroughly supported APIs that can deliver just about anything any company would ever dream of when building a new telephony application or integrating VoIP into an existing application.

So what's missing? If today's APIs are so great why do we need consultants to tell us which one is better for our potential projects? One theory is that we as humans are generally pretty damn lazy. As a rule we also like it when others tell us what we should do thereby averting disaster when the dung hits the fan.

Folks, there is no Black Magic required when building or integrating VoIP into your apps. Do your research and talk to as many industry professionals as possible. In some cases you will not need to know anything about VoIP, SIP or H.323 etc. Make an educated decision, then take that API and build something great.

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