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RTCWEB / WebRTC – MTI Video Codec debate continues

Cullen Jennings - video

Dr. Cullen Jennings – video quality comparison

There was no consensus call on MTI video for RTCWEB.

There was a “get a sense” call where Robert Sparks, as a favor to the chairs, asked for a sense of the room if they could live with either VP8 or H.264. Since it was not a consensus call it matters little but it felt like the room was split in this hand-raising exercise.

Plenty of arguments were tabled. Hadriel Kaplan made a great point, “…make them both (VP8 & H.264) MTI…” This seems to be the most sensible thing I have heard in a while and it seems to me that this is likely what the browsers would do anyways. Sadly, this will likely never happen in this MTI debate. It seems more likely that we will not end up with a MTI video codec, which is pretty much how things have been in the SIP world since inception.

VP8 – WebRTC MTI Video codec shoe-in?

Looks like Google is getting their ducks in a row, this might just be the final bit required to push VP8 in as the MTI video codec…


DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Google Inc. and MPEG LA, LLC announced today that they have entered into agreements granting Google a license to techniques that may be essential to VP8 and earlier-generation VPx video compression technologies under patents owned by 11 patent holders. The agreements also grant Google the right to sublicense those techniques to any user of VP8, whether the VP8 implementation is by Google or another entity. It further provides for sublicensing those VP8 techniques in one next-generation VPx video codec. As a result of the agreements, MPEG LA will discontinue its effort to form a VP8 patent pool.

“We appreciate MPEG LA’s cooperation in making this happen.”

“This is a significant milestone in Google’s efforts to establish VP8 as a widely-deployed web video format,” said Allen Lo, Google’s deputy general counsel for patents. “We appreciate MPEG LA’s cooperation in making this happen.”

“We are pleased for the opportunity to facilitate agreements with Google to make VP8 widely available to users,” said MPEG LA President and CEO Larry Horn.

W3C reminds IETF that royalties are not cool

Yesterday an inbound liaison statement from the W3C was received by the IETF. The takeaway is this, we need a non-royalty baring video codec, period.

Thank you! The reality is that if we go with H.264 / AVC in hopes that the MPEG-LA will eventually drop the royalties on this codec we could be in for a surprise when they vote not do so.  VP8 looks like the only real contender at this time.

Here’s hoping we can get this done soon.

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