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Vancouver WebRTC – Inaugural Meetup Tonight!

Join us this eve at Launch Academy for the very first Vancouver WebRTC meetup!

This inaugural meetup should be a real fun event! I will be providing an introduction to WebRTC and Tobias Noiges (QHR Technologies) will be walking us through the creation of Medeo, a medical virtual visit application based on WebRTC.

Join us and learn about WebRTC and how it’s forever changing communications on the web!


Meeting info:

Location: Launch Academy #300 – 128 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Date and Time: Wednesday May 27, 2015 6-8pm

Buzz in Code: #300 or DM @elagerway on twitter



– Welcome!

– WebRTC Introduction; Erik Lagerway, Hookflash

– WebRTC in the real world; Tobias Noiges, QHR Technologies

– WebRTC Demo; Tobias Noiges

– Q&A


Hope to see you there!

/Erik Lagerway

WebRTC Meetup – Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the hotbeds for IP communication technology and is home to many developers. With the advent of WebRTC, integration of voice and video chat into almost any application is within reach but as always, there are always pitfalls. Sounds like a great reason to start a WebRTC meetup in Vancouver!

As of today Vancouver now has its own WebRTC meetup group. If you are interested in linking up and talking to like-minded RTC geeks implementing real time comm using WebRTC please join and let’s get together. We will also be looking for meetup facilities & sponsors (snacks, drinks etc.).

I am thinking our first meetup will be in May sometime, not sure on exact dates yet.

Agenda and topic for the first meeting is wide open. Topics like, “WebRTC 101” or “Dos and Don’ts” come to mind, but we can decide on that when we have heard from some active members.

We will also be bringing in some live guests from time to time via what else, WebRTC!

Hope to see you soon!


My new startup, just round the bend

I can’t share a great deal about the new startup we are working on but I can say that its likely the most important work of my career.

“Pumped” is an understatement.

Vancouver Small Business Server User Group – Response Point

Join Erik Lagerway and Trent Johnsen, co-founder/executives of SMB Phone to see how Microsoft Response Point is changing small business communications and what it means for you and your customers.

SMB Phone is a national Response Point distributor and Canada’s newest Microsoft certified Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) and the only provider to be integrated with Response Point in Canada. Along with a working demo/overview of Response Point, SMB Phone will provide an insider’s industry perspective on Microsoft Response Point and the latest software release, Service Pack 2, and how you can improve your customer’s business communications and enjoy significant new business opportunities working with Microsoft Response Point and SMB Phone.

3/12/2009 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Welcome Time:
3/12/2009 6:00 PM Pacific Time

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BC LDB)
3200 East Broadway (Okanagan room)
Vancouver, BC V5M 3T5

Click here to attend

SMB Phone Systems Expands Microsoft Response Point Offer To Alberta

As many of you already know, I have been building up a PBX equipment vendor and interconnect  specializing in Microsoft’s Response Point small phone systems. I have done a number of Response Point installations (many more since that post) in the Lower Mainland and my customers seem genuinely happy. With this in mind I decided to expand into Alberta.

“SMB Phone Systems” now has installers and sales personnel in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. I have a long list of referral customers, spanning many verticals, ranging from 1 person to 20 workstations that would be happy to provide their honest opinion on the Response Point system and their experiences with my newest little venture.

If you are a small business located in Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary and find yourself in need of a Small Office Phone System be sure to visit our website “SMBPhoneSystems.ca” or call sales at (866) 473-0516 ext.1.

Home baked SEO lands Lypp.com on page 1 of Google

As a guest contributor for Techvibes I recently wrote a story about my journey through the land of SEO. It is my quest to make Lypp the number 1 conference call service in North America. I knew SEO would play a huge part.

I managed to take lypp.com from page 61 to page 1 in 7 weeks for key word phrase “conference call” on both google.com and google.ca. No small feat considering there are nearly 60 million results for that term on both sites.

You can read the entire story at Techvibes.

fundfindr to early stage investors, your next project is right here

My wife took our number 2 son into the clinic today to get his shots etc. As it turns out our doctor is married to Bret Conkin, CEO of another Vancouver startup called fundfindr.

At fundfindr Entrepreneurs publish a pitch which is viewed by a potential Angel, VC et al. A site like this could potentially save early stage investors some cycles when looking for that next project. It will certainly increase exposure and provide some “pitch experience” for the startups looking for cash. 

A couple of friendly comments;
– Site looks a little bland, needs some punch, spice it up a bit.
– Choose a scalable application architecture that can be managed and grown by just a few developers. Ruby on Rails comes to mind. From my experience PHP can get quite unruly for a small shop as the site user-base grows.
– Also, not sure if Clip-Share.com is paying for the right to have a hot link listed in the right-click menu for the flash video player? Doesn’t appear to be tracked in any way.

Apart from a few minor issues it looks and operates as expected. Sign-up was painless, I loved the "how-to" video that is presented right after confirming the email link, it should also be the first thing the user sees on signup as well. Uploading a video was familiar and worked fine. 

Congrats to Bret and his team on the Alpha soft-launch!

-Erik [http://sipthat.com]

p.s. Anyone looking for an excellent Ruby on Rails consulting team should email me

Vancouver Facebook Developer Garage

Facebook, welcome to Vancouver! Vancouver Film School (VFS) has some great facilities, as you can all see, wish I could have been there. Sadly I missed out, my "2 yr old" is a bit sickly but I managed to catch it via miss604.com's blog – Rebecca Bolwitt does a great job of covering local happenings. if you are in the local tech community and have not added this RSS feed to your reader you are missing out.

If anything else, Facebook is driving development, more so I think than others that have walked this path before, Google comes to mind. This is feeling somewhat reminiscent of the pre-bubble and dot com bust nearly 10 years ago. The excitement has been revived, I just hope there is money at the end of that rainbow. If anything else Facebook applications can be a great marketing platform for the real money apps.

The New PubSub

Fellow Vancouver Voip veteran and buddy Ian Bell has reclaimed PubSub and will soon be launching a new FaceBook app. Ian is a very capable fellow and he is in good company with Lance Tracey joining as CEO.

I think Ian is doing the right thing in going after the Facebook crowd, the intelligent search capabilities of PubSub will be put to good use there. Ian is also getting some love from Michael Arrington and Om Malik.

Great stuff Ian, good to see PubSub alive again!

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