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Lypp Wins "Best in Voice Services Category" at Under the Radar Mobility Conference

Update: It's official, Lypp Wins Best in Voice Services Category at Under the Radar Mobility Conference 


Lypp Co-founder – Daniel Gibbons won the hearts of the judges today. During his presentation of Lypp mobile voice services at the Under the Radar Mobility Conference it became apparent that Dan was no fan of the "give it away for free and make it up in volume" tactics some of the other service providers have been adopting.

The Panel.. 

Dan went on to deliver a great presentation on how Lypp is delivering simple group calling and conference calling services for mobile users and how we plan to expand on that service and the accompanying API in the coming months.

Well done partner!

Lypp's VoIP API to be showcased at Under the Radar

We're excited to announce that Lypp will be presenting at the Under the Radar Mobility conference, on November 15th at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View. We'll be showcasing our own application and some innovative things people are doing with Lypp's brand spanking new VoIP API.


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