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Lypp chosen by Microsoft for Response Point Partner Case Study

Microsoft has recently published a case study on Lypp for our involvement with their Small Business Phone SystemResponse Point.

It also mentions our plans to deliver a last mile broadband offer that will potentially make VoIP for Small Businesses a viable solution in Canada.

Thanks to Rex Backman at Microsoft for putting this together.

Navigata Shows Small Business Phone System Provider 'Linksys One' The Door

Word on the street is that Navigata (a subsidiary of Sasktel) is shutting down it’s Linksys One offer and is giving it’s customers until the end of October to get off their Linksys One network.

Since Response Point provides some great features and offers the best of the VoIP and analog phone word, it is looking like it could be a good fit for some of those customers looking to get off the Linksys One platform.

The good news is that the SIP trunks that we make available via SMBPhoneSystems.ca to our customers are indirectly hooked into the Navigata network so moving phone numbers from Linksys One to a SIP Trunk should not cause the customer any unnecessary pain.

Response Point Phone Systems for Canadian Small Business

I thought it was time I chimed in on the new service pack [SP1] that has just been released to the Response Point manufacturers and what it means to Canadian small businesses that might take some interest in buying a Response Point PBX.

Response Point Service Pack 1 is mostly about the VoIP Gateway (SIP Trunking) capabilities with some extras like Click to Call and Call Presence.

The software based VoIP Gateway will allow the Response Point systems to connect to a SIP Trunk provider for PSTN connectivity. So now we can add capacity not just by plugging in telephones lines to the system but we can also connect virtual phone lines provided by a SIP Trunk service vendor over the Internet.

First question is, do we want to connect our phone system in our office to a virtual phone line over the Internet? Hmm, good question.

If you are like me and need to have your phone system working 100% of the time you might think that using SIP trunks for your telephone connectivity via the open Internet could be risky. If the Internet in your office drops so does your phone system. That means not only can you not work online but now you can’t receive or make phone calls either. Yikes!

It might not be as bad as it first would seem. The SIP Trunk provider or ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) can facilitate some interesting features that could help alleviate this problem. Most SIP Trunk service providers are capable of delivering services like simultaneous ring or twinning that can ring your primary line and your cell phone at the same time. If your main system goes down for whatever reason your business is not completely out of business. Although, this theory doesn’t really hold up when you have multiple lines in a hunt group with a primary line and a few over-lines.

Something else to consider is 911. 911 can be a bit of headache when dealing with SIP trunks. If you rely on SIP trunks for all of your telephone connectivity you will have to fill out some paperwork that ties the VoIP telephone service you are getting from your ITSP to your address.

LNP (Local Number Portability) is also a major headache. As an existing business you likely have had your existing telephone number for quite some time and are not really all that interested in changing it now. LNP laws in Canada say that the telephone company you are dealing with for that number must comply with your wishes when you ask to have that number ported to another provider, an ITSP in this case. Well, yes, they must comply but that doesn’t mean they will make it easy. It’s not abnormal in Canada for a number porting request to take upwards of a few months to complete. Yes, months!

In my mind I don’t think I would ask my customers to endure that kind of headache. I would likely use the SIP Trunks for additional capacity on outbound dialing which does not require any number porting and is not likely mission critical to the daily operations of the business. Since most of the traffic generated on most small office telephone systems is outbound, SIP Trunks could fill a potential requirement there.

I have been beating the Response Point Phone System drum pretty hard lately and for good reason, it’s a great SMB phone system. We have decided to start carrying the phone systems through Lypp as well. I also posted a quick summary on a Response Point installation I did for one of my customers on the Innovedia blog a few weeks back, the customer is loving that system.

Microsoft Got It Right! Small Business Telephone System – Response Point

For the past 15 years I have been dabbling in VoIP and IP Telephony and recently it occurred to me that the major benefits that excited me about VoIP and drove me down this entrepreneurial career path, are now finally past early adoption.

When Microsoft announced that they were entering the SMB phone system market you have to believe that the innovation in that scene is largely over. In saying that, I also have to mention that the new Response Point PBX from Microsoft is impressive. In fact, it impressed me to the point that I actually bought one for a client of mine.

As expected, yes, it is closely tied to XP and/or Vista but not so much that you can not configure it if you have a Mac, as I found out.

You will not find a full review of the system here but I will point out a few of the pros and cons of the system.

The Good

  • Easy to Configure: It took me about 1 hour to go from unpacking the equipment to making the first call, using all of the system defaults
  • Easy to Customize IVR: Record via handset or upload your own WAV files
  • Speech Recognition – It Works!: This is quite unique in a PBX offering for this market. When someone calls in and says “Sales” it will actually direct that caller appropriately, getting it right almost every time
  • Open Standards – SIP 3261: This is great as it mean interconnection with a SIP trunk (SP 1) will not be an issue.

The Bad

  • Outlook Assistant works only on XP or Vista

If you are looking for a small business telephone system (1-20 seats) with some great bells and whistles, at a reasonable price ($2800 for 5 sets) then Response Point is a great candidate.

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