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Lypp VoIP API, 37signals, Broadsoft Xtended, Ruby on Rails

We are just one day away from opening the doors to the 37signals Highrise + Lypp VoIP Mashup contest, we are all quite excited about what will come of that, the entire post is over here.

Something I read today that I thought was rather "timely" in this regard was Thomas Howe's post regarding his new Ruby Gem built for Broadsoft via Xtended.

For those who don't know, Broadsoft is essentially the leader in the VoIP softswitch department although they really like to be called a Voice Application vendor, I think, Scott will likely correct me on that 😉

At least one person has asked me what I think of BX (Broadsoft Xtended) and what it means to Lypp and specifically the impact it has on the Lypp API.

Here it is..

1. For carriers, the Lypp API is to some degree what Xtended is to Broadsoft, just not for Boradsoft. Our API was written so that we could easily port it to any softswitch, voice application platform, voip switch etc. So if Broadsoft customers or even competition wanted some of the same functionality that is delivered via Xtended they might take a look at the Lypp API.

2. For service providers, Lypp offers a complete service toolkit that not only gives you the API but also delivers the telephony service as well. Think of the Lypp API as the Amazon Web Services of VoIP. The API is free and so is a developer account, you only pay for what you use, just like Amazon Web Services.

3. For application developers, it is a brainless way to bring advanced telephony into existing or new applications (web, mobile, client-server, et al) without investing millions into infrastructure.

The impact Broadsoft Xtended has on Lypp is very positive. Broadsoft has plenty of marketing dollars and the more people that understand what Xtended is the more it will help little companies like Lypp accelerate their own growth.

So to this I say, "Go Broadsoft! Go Lypp! Go Rails!"

by Erik | http://sipthat.com

fundfindr to early stage investors, your next project is right here

My wife took our number 2 son into the clinic today to get his shots etc. As it turns out our doctor is married to Bret Conkin, CEO of another Vancouver startup called fundfindr.

At fundfindr Entrepreneurs publish a pitch which is viewed by a potential Angel, VC et al. A site like this could potentially save early stage investors some cycles when looking for that next project. It will certainly increase exposure and provide some “pitch experience” for the startups looking for cash. 

A couple of friendly comments;
– Site looks a little bland, needs some punch, spice it up a bit.
– Choose a scalable application architecture that can be managed and grown by just a few developers. Ruby on Rails comes to mind. From my experience PHP can get quite unruly for a small shop as the site user-base grows.
– Also, not sure if Clip-Share.com is paying for the right to have a hot link listed in the right-click menu for the flash video player? Doesn’t appear to be tracked in any way.

Apart from a few minor issues it looks and operates as expected. Sign-up was painless, I loved the "how-to" video that is presented right after confirming the email link, it should also be the first thing the user sees on signup as well. Uploading a video was familiar and worked fine. 

Congrats to Bret and his team on the Alpha soft-launch!

-Erik [http://sipthat.com]

p.s. Anyone looking for an excellent Ruby on Rails consulting team should email me

Call Recording in Lypp API

In preparation for the 37 Signals Mashup we have been putting some extra effort into bolstering the Lypp Telephony API. Here is what has been added and will be released soon:

Call Recording
Leveraging Amazon Web Services (S3) Conference Call Recording has been part of the Lypp Service for a while now, it's part of the Lypp Telephony API on the next update.

Master User Creation
Master account creation for Service Providers and Private Labeling.

My comments are busted but if you want to see something added not already part of the API let us know.

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