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Dan is Down on Drupal

Dan Gibbons of Carrie and Danielle is down on Drupal. Can't say I blame him, he pretty much nails the reason why I have avoided Drupal for any project I have managed.

Ruby on Rails VoIP Plugin

We are making some great progress at Lypp these days. Last week we unveiled our new mobile app at Lypp.com (built on the Lypp VoIP API of course), today we released our Ruby on Rails VoIP Plugin. Here are some details taken from the Lypp Blog.

Ruby on Rails + = 🙂

Here is the very first Ruby on Rails Plugin for VoIP from Lypp, based on the Lypp VoIP API. If you know Ruby on Rails, you now know how to integrate VoIP.

Within an hour you should be able to create a voip widget and make your first call from your application, no joke. Email api AT lypp.com for a username and password.

Stay tuned for the VoIP Mashup Contest we will be announcing soon! 

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