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Etel, Ecomm and VoIP Mashups

Etel VoIP Mashup – Virtual Conference App.

Update: Looks like I am not the only one who has had it with old school conferences. Scoble has some great points here!


Since it is unlikely that my idea of a virtual Etel conference will make it on it's own, here is another thought. Why not have a mashup contest with the target application being a Virtual Conference application that could be used with ANY physical conference or expo?

This new app could be used to provide those of us who can't afford or just simply can't physically be at conferences the opportunity to participate. There would be video and audio of each session streamed live over the net, during Q and A attendees on the net could click a button and their phone would ring. At the other end would be a session host who would take your question, introduce the attendee to the panel and then the attendee would ask the question.

We could also integrate presence and show notes in an very interesting way by making use of Twitter, Pownce etc.

If there is to be another Etel (or Ecomm), I think we should step out of the 20th Century and push the IP communications envelope, that is what the essence of Etel was all about, wasn't it?

eTel cancelled, but check this!


K, so this is a bit out there but I figured what the heck…

How about a virtual conference. One where speakers address a real audience via the Internet using video, teleconferencing, presence (twitter, pownce), IM etc.

There would be a virtual hall that allowed users to navigate from session to session where they would watch or just listen via teleconference.

We could create a back-channel (they all exists anyways during these shows) and a real social networking element that could serve as method for hallway discussions?

We have the technology now to pull this off, this should be a no-brainer!

Make people PAY for it (cover the costs), in return they will get recordings of all the sessions and access to the chat back-channels.

Call me a geek but I think this would be cool would cost people much less and would likely be more a productive use of everyone's time.

There is a Facebook group coming together that might help the idea along or email me and tell me how nuts I am: erik (at) sipthat dot com.

eTel 2008 Cancelled

Wow, Andy just reported that the eTel '08 conference has been cancelled. I never made it there myself but I heard great things about it. Someone really needs to pick up the pieces.

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