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Shop Drawings firm goes for Lypp and Response Point

One of our happy customers has just been asked by Microsoft if they would like to participate in a Case Study. The customer, a shop drawings firm specializing in CAD drawings for commercial glazing/glass projects (yes that is Safeco field you see there and yes they did extensive work on that project), was looking for a better phone system. True North Drafting was already using Lypp for Conference Calls but after hearing about Response Point they decided to take a demo system from us for a month. They liked it and decided to buy it.

After a couple of weeks using the system they are now raving about it! I will be sure to post the case study when it’s published.

Call Recording in Lypp API

In preparation for the 37 Signals Mashup we have been putting some extra effort into bolstering the Lypp Telephony API. Here is what has been added and will be released soon:

Call Recording
Leveraging Amazon Web Services (S3) Conference Call Recording has been part of the Lypp Service for a while now, it's part of the Lypp Telephony API on the next update.

Master User Creation
Master account creation for Service Providers and Private Labeling.

My comments are busted but if you want to see something added not already part of the API let us know.

Cheap Mobile Calls in Canada

I had a great conversation today from a new Lypp user who was blown away by the Lypp mobile calling service that is current being offered at Lypp.com. The one thing that this gentleman kept reiterating was that mobile calling in Canada is so costly and how Lypp service all of North America for one low price.

It was so great to have some positive feedback on the service and I hope they will be even happier when they see the new features we are unleashing in February.

Next month we will be launching a new Next Generation Conference Calling service but at the same time we will be enhancing the current mobile offering at Lypp.com. Lypp mobile calling users in Canada will soon be introduced to a host of new features that we believe will enhance their mobile calling experience, at no extra cost.

Lypp for Business – the new Gaboogie


Thanks for the mention Om. I thought I would chime in (albeit late) and provide some details on our upcoming re-launch of the Gaboogie.com services that will be known as Lypp for Business. Without getting into a long-winded sales pitch, Lypp for Business will deliver all of what Gaboogie was (business teleconferencing on steroids) and then some.

It will combine both traditional conferencing plus the mobile features that we offer in the Lypp mobile service today. The existing low-level API will also include these new Enterprise features.

Oh yeah, I thought I might mention that the company name is still Gaboogie. We changed the service name to Lypp mostly because of the difficulties that people were having with spelling, remembering, pronouncing Gaboogie <gah-boog-eee>.

Intelligent Hosted Conferencing

Recently a fellow blogger pointed me to this website, which is a great resource for etiquette and preparedness in teleconferencing.

I have yet to experience a good hosted conference service that is intuitive and also powerful. Most of the money in this industry is still being spent on traditional reservationless audio conference calls. The age-old dial a number, input your PIN and wait for the moderator. Whoop-pee.

Apps like Foonz and Jajah are cute and I suppose some would use this for their conference calls but for those of us who take part in at least 1-2 organized conference calls (with 5 or more participants) per day it is unlikely these services would offer enough oomph to satisfy the moderator/host or the participants.

Making the service grandma-friendly is a great idea but let us not forget what makes up the majority of people using these hosted services. IMHO Professionals, consultants, SOHO, SMB and Enterprise business people need more than just basic functionality in order to increase efficiency and make the best use of their time on the call. I have yet to see a compelling, powerful, easy to use and affordable hosted audio conference call service to date.

If you think you know of something that would fit the bill, PLEASE let’s hear about it.

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