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Call Recording in Lypp API

In preparation for the 37 Signals Mashup we have been putting some extra effort into bolstering the Lypp Telephony API. Here is what has been added and will be released soon:

Call Recording
Leveraging Amazon Web Services (S3) Conference Call Recording has been part of the Lypp Service for a while now, it's part of the Lypp Telephony API on the next update.

Master User Creation
Master account creation for Service Providers and Private Labeling.

My comments are busted but if you want to see something added not already part of the API let us know.

37 Signals, WebEx, Microsoft Outlook, International Conference Calls

Wow, it's been a crazy month. My 2.7 yr old son – Ky, has been in and out of the Children's Hospital with some virus that hit him in a bad way. Poor guy, it was hard for him but he handled it like a real trooper. While this was happening, business at Lypp was pushing forward at a serious pace, it was a difficult month. It looks like he is on the mend now so everyone is feeling a little less stressed.

At Lypp we did a little deal with WebEx in order to deliver a co-branded version of their service to round out our Conferencing offer. We soft-launched that yesterday. Anyone that signed up for Lypp Conferencing now gets access to Lypp Web Conferencing, which is essentially WebEx. Interestingly enough, we are able to charge much less than WebEx themselves, at 22 cents per minute it's a real bargain.

Right around the corner we have the Highrise + Lypp Mashup contest. Which we have a had a great response on. The doors open for that on April 15. We ended up pushing it back a couple of weeks in order to get the latest and greatest into the API before handing it over to developers.

In connection with the API, a MS Outlook developer has built a fully integrated Lypp Outlook plugin. For those who use Teleconferencing and live in Outlook it could be a real godsend. More on that later.

And finally, we are about to launch the beta of International Dial-out for the Lypp Conferencing service. Lypp Conferencing users will be able to conference-in attendees from all over the globe. This means that international attendees will not have to pay toll to dial-in, the host could have the system call them when adding them to an existing call or when creating a new conference call.

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