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Gaboogie Embraces Open Source For New Mobile Group Calling and Conference Calling Solution


Ruby on Rails, Adhearsion and CentOS create launch pad for new mobile conferencing application.  

Vancouver, Canada, August 1, 2007 – Gaboogie ( announced today the integration of open-source Adhearsion v0.80 written in Ruby, leveraging the existing Ruby on Rails Gaboogie software engine running on CentOS Linux as the platform for a new Gaboogie Mobile offering.

Jay Phillips, founder of Adhearsion, has been on site at Gaboogie for the past several weeks integrating Adhearsion into the new Gaboogie application. Adhearsion is an open source, unconventional framework that ties technologies together neatly. Adhearsion is most noted as being “adhesion you can hear” for integrating VoIP by building atop Digium's Asterisk PBX software. Adhearsion was designed to “understand” the many elements of the VoIP picture and both improve them individually and tie them together in one comprehensive solution.

"The majority of the initial Gaboogie application was written in Ruby because we wanted to utilize open source rapid application development technologies favored in the web 2.0 development community," commented Co-Founder of Gaboogie, Erik Lagerway.

"By implementing Adhearsion on top of FreeSWITCH and rounding out the rest of our own feature set using Ruby on Rails we were able to create a much more maintainable code base. I believe that we have now set the stage for future Gaboogie feature development and deployment. The first of the features to be made available using this new architecture will be Gaboogie Mobile, a sub-set of Gaboogie features created for mobile conferencing and mobile group calling. Gaboogie Mobile is scheduled for release in the fall of this year."

Gaboogie is a unique conference calling and group calling service that allows users to schedule calls that automatically CALL YOU and your attendees. All Gaboogie calls also include toll-free dial-in numbers and attendee passcodes for traditional conference calling access. Gaboogie can call participants in over 70 countries, including the US, Canada, all EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Gaboogie: Start On Time


For more information about Gaboogie and Gaboogie Mobile:
Erik Lagerway
Email Gaboogie
+1 (604) 629-7991

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Google IM & VoIP – Google Talk is Live

Google has finally given us a glimpse at their new IM + VoIP client Google Talk, now in beta. You will need a Gmail account for this as well.

I actually like the interface, very simple.

In the coming days I will do some test calls and report back on call quality, firewall traversal along with some ethereal traces.

AOL gets sued over VoIP Technology

According to Klausner Technologies has filed a $200 million patent infringement lawsuit against America Online (AOL) over voice platform technology.

At issue are features that let subscribers receive visual notification of new voice messages and selectively retrieve messages from their displays.

“Because of the fast-paced docket in the Eastern District of Virginia, we expect a quick resolution of the matter and the prompt issuance of an injunction that will stop AOL from using this patented technology,” Greg Dovel, an attorney representing Klausner Technologies, said in a statement.


ineen adds Pocket PC and updates Windows client

ineen now has a Pocket PC version and some bugs were fixed in the windows client.

Some early reviews on ineen..

Robin good

Om Malik

Digital Lifestyles

Sun adds XMPP to IM client

I am glad to hear Dan is on the ball, SIMPLE is the future.

Dan Graves, Sun group product manager for collaboration products, downplayed that contention and said the decision to adopt XMPP was made primarily from a features standpoint and in no way represents a decision to favor one IM protocol over the other. Sun, he said, plans to address SIMPLE in the future.


McDonald's: Want VOIP with That?

It looks like McDonald’s is experiementing with VoIP. If they were smart they would give away a softphone with every combo-meal and a free on-net VoIP, Video, IM service. There are many free networks out there they could leverage, they could even do something with EarthLink for example.


Mobility Plus Presence: Standards On the Fast Track

by Robert Sparks
CTO, Xten

A traveling worker hears a unique ringtone on his cell phone, checks the screen and finds a presence notification that a colleague is awaiting a plane in the same airport. 

A ‘soccer parents’ presence channel’ on a dad’s SIP softphone shows all the team’s parents are available to share a group voice or IM session right now. 

A teenager who just wrecked his mom’s car checks the family presence channel on his mobile phone to find out his mother’s current mood.

These examples only hint at how presence technologies will enable a large class of services not achievable on existing mobile networks. 

Presence technologies already have revolutionized how and when network-connected ‘buddies’ communicate. A quick look at the instant messaging (IM) window on a PC tells which buddies are present and available to converse and which ones have stepped out or are otherwise engaged. In short, the availability of presence information puts the “instant” in instant messaging. Presence enables one to avoid the uncertain, delayed responses associated with ‘non-instant’ email or voice messages. The IP network user wastes less time and effort—not to mention network capacity—on attempts to communicate with absent interlocutors.


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