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Innovative Phone System Benefits Local Company

As our little telecommunications company continues to grow Microsoft continues to take notice. Most recently our partners in Redmond have completed and published a case study on one of our customers “True North Drafting” (TND) a specialist in creating the detailed shop drawings that guide the fabrication and on-site installation of commercial-grade glass and aluminum structures.

TND has been a long time customer of ours and before purchasing their Response Point small business phone system they were using the Lypp conference call services.

This marks the second Lypp case study by Microsoft. The first was on Lypp itself, as a value added reseller for Response Point.

Thanks goes out to Rex and his team at Microsoft for the mention and to our customer of the month, “True North Drafting”, for their ongoing support.

Lypp Launches Integrated Conference Call Services for Microsoft Outlook Users

VANCOUVER, June 4, 2008 – Lypp announces Lypp Conferencing for Outlook in celebration of its 150th business customer.

“Our goal with Lypp for Outlook was to make it easy for Outlook users to create ad hoc and scheduled conference calls the same way they would normally schedule a meeting in Outlook, by using the Calendar.” said CEO Erik Lagerway. “Canadian and US businesses can now access the Lypp advanced conference calling feature-set with ease and at 9 cents/min, business will find it hard to beat.”

Lypp Conference Calling Features:
– Microsoft Outlook Add-in/ Plug-in;
– Instant Activation;
– Toll-free Dial-in Access From Any Phone;
– Automated Dial-Out at Time of Meeting;
– 24 Hour Access;
– Automated Notifications;
– Enterprise Account Management: Sub-account creation/editing and central or individual billing;
– Mobile Conference Call Management;
– Call Recording & RSS syndication;
– Phone Book with CSV/vCard Upload;
– Crystal Clear Connections;
– Secure and Private;
– Real-Time Conference Management Controls;
– Detailed billing.

Lypp conference calling service is available now: Lypp or call +1(877)422.6644

About Lypp
Lypp is disrupting the telecommunications industry by building advanced communications software and services to give users the features and pricing that the existing carriers don’t, won’t or can’t offer. Lypp also provides wholesale services leveraging its REST-based API to enable integration of telephony features with other applications and services.

The Lypp service is operated and owned by Gaboogie Canada Inc.

Contact Information
Erik Lagerway
+1 (604) 562.8647
Email Lypp

Cheap Mobile Calls in Canada

I had a great conversation today from a new Lypp user who was blown away by the Lypp mobile calling service that is current being offered at The one thing that this gentleman kept reiterating was that mobile calling in Canada is so costly and how Lypp service all of North America for one low price.

It was so great to have some positive feedback on the service and I hope they will be even happier when they see the new features we are unleashing in February.

Next month we will be launching a new Next Generation Conference Calling service but at the same time we will be enhancing the current mobile offering at Lypp mobile calling users in Canada will soon be introduced to a host of new features that we believe will enhance their mobile calling experience, at no extra cost.

AudioMail vs.

I just tried the AudioMail service which is reminiscent of‘s moblog capability. The big difference being that AudioMail is Java Applet driven and is Flash driven.

Much like’s moblog feature, with AudioMail the user calls into a phone number (Vancouver only right now) in types in their account number. The user can then record up to a 5 minute clip.

Today AudioMail looks more like a marketing tool for the parent company Clipstream, the record time is too short and the service is not very useful for bloggers. When the recording ends the system sends you the link for your encoded clip. Us bloggers need a media file to point to e.g. MP3, MP4, etc. so our enclosures will pick it up and aggregators will fetch it.

With you can either produce your media using their tools or upload your own, it costs $5/month. At this point I would have to say that is a better bet.

RIM needs to integrate an MP3 Player

So here I am am sitting on a plane destined for San Fran wondering why RIM has neglected to integrate an MP3 player into this BlackBerry. I travel quite a bit and I would sure like it if I could listen to my favorite podcasts without having to sync with my iPod before leaving for the airport or even bringing my iPod at all.

Since Blackberry MP3 ringtones are prevelant out there this should not be hard.

Any ideas?

First Post

Here is part one of the interview posted via

MP3 File

Podcasting with eyeBeam – Part 3

Here is the third of a 3 part phone interview recorded using eyeBeam to be used with . This portion of the interview deals with my opinion of what will make up the future of successful IP applications for VoIP, Video and IM. Open standards plays a big part.

1. Erik speaks of the key ingedients of future successful IP and VoIP applications [11 mins, 64Kbps, 5.5MB]

Podcasting with eyeBeam – Part 2

My attempt at . Here is the second of a 3 part phone interview recorded using eyeBeam. During the call I simply pressed the “record” button on the softphone. This portion of the interview deals with our customers including Vonage, Deutsche Telekom. I also speak of open standards versus proprietary technology and mention Skype as part of this conversation.

1. Xten Customers, Open Standards versus Skpe [11 mins, 64Kbps, 5.5MB]

Podcasting with eyeBeam

Well I thought I would join the “in” crowd and try some . I have a couple of interviews I did with some magazines a few months back so I thought I would take one and publish it on my blog and use to send out the good word.

I used Xten’s eyeBeam to record the clip which was saved in AVI format [AVI because eyeBeam also records video]. I then used Sound Forge to edit the clip and saved it as an MP3. I am sure there are free AVI to MP3 sound editors out there. Fyi, eyeBeam will support the MP3 format sometime later this year.

This interview was for a telephony magazine. It covers the Future of IP Applications and how Xten will play a part in that. It’s quite long [30+ minutes] so I cut it up into 3 parts. The first part is below. I will upload the next 2 parts on the weekend if I get the chance. Have a great weekend!

1. Xten History, Overview and Product Line-up [10 mins, 64Kbps, 5MB]

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