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The year VoIP came back from the grave.

update: FCC sees VoIP as the future.

I don’t want to go on the cart!

Some of you may remember rumblings in the blogosphere, “VoIP died or VoIP is dead” around this time last year. Whatever the context, I think it should be clear by now the VoIP is not dead, nor dying. As a matter of fact, VoIP has never been less dead.

Some may argue that I am taking some of those statements out of context. Semantics. Some said “buddy list” centric calling is the future, hence VoIP is dead, again – semantics.

Call it what you like, VoIP is here to stay, Mobile VoIP is only just getting started.

Give it 5-10 years (not long considering the PSTN has been around for more than 100 years) and everything will be * over IP, including Voice and Video.

Skype for SIP, it's about time!


Back in 2004 I wrote a post relating to the VON Canada Panel I sat on with Niklas Zennstrom. It was an interesting debate on open standards (SIP in this case) and closed networks, specifically Skype. I was quite vocal about how silly I thought Skype was not to include SIP, a few of you picked up on that 😉

It looks like something good came of the eBay purchase as we now see a Skype pushing towards open standards, good stuff!

On a similar note, I heard a rumour that it’s likely Jason Fischl the current CTO at Counterpath (Xten) will be going over to work with Jonathan Christensen (General Manager – Media Platform) at Skype. Jason was an early advocate of SIP in the IETF and works with some of the best minds on the subject: Cullen Jennings, Robert Sparks, Alan Duric come to mind.

This could get interesting.

I will do some testing with SkypeforSIP & Response Point and post the results along with my comments on what this new offer from Skype might mean for Response Point.

Chris Pirillo drop kicks GoogleTalk and proprietary IM

Finally! Someone with a voice who is really pissed about the lack of IM interop. Everyone should listen to this!

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This is nuts, was hanging with Chris Pirillo during his show tonight and near the end he fingered a Coke machine, toooooo funny. Now THAT is old school!

Chris kills me.

Had to share it.

Microsoft goes mobile with messaging and partners with RIM

Microsoft said the mobile version of its recently upgraded instant messaging program for businesses, called Microsoft Office Communicator, will be available in the second half of 2005. The software can track whether users are online and allow them to swap text messages between phones or between a cellphone and a PC.


Run for Cover, IM under attack!

Yahoo!’s Phising attacks a couple of days ago and now Trillian’s age-old buffering issues point to more secure IM solutions. TLS, S/MIME and SIP Certs are promising to address these issues from an open standards perspective. I am sure there will be some attention paid to this at SIPit to be held in in Banff this year.


ineen update: Pocket PC expected in April

ineen seems to be doing well in the early stages of the Beta trials and I have been reading some bloggings so I thought I would provide some info on what’s around the corner.

Incidentally, the word “ineen” essentially means together in Dutch.

A Pocket PC version [no video] will be available shortly, I expect it will be available in the next few weeks. A Linux version will be available sometime this year I hope, not sure when.

Users will be able to select their own User ID, e.g. elagerway instead of being allocated an ineen number. I am pushing for this to be changed in the coming weeks.

File transfer and Security via TLS and S/MIME will follow some time near the end of the 3rd quarter ’05. At the same time we are working on a more IM-centric interface so users can open up the advanced features when desired providing a better experience for those less technically inclined.

Try the ineen wish list if you want to see something added or changed in ineen.

New Free VoIP, Video & P2P IM Client using Open Standards

ineen is new P2P IM software with VoIP and Video that’s easy and free to use. The client was built using Xten’s eyeBeam SDK and makes use of SIMPLE for P2P IM and Presence. VoIP is supported by SIP and the Video media is H.263[+]. You can use ineen to call over other networks as well, including: Free World Dialup, SIPphone, &

Xten will be demonstrating ineen at VON next week.

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