The backstory on ORTC (Object RTC) and why we thought WebRTC needed an Object interface

Early in 2013, Robin and I were becoming growingly concerned about the direction the WebRTC WG in the W3C and the RTCWEB WG in the IETF were taking, specifically with respect to mandating SDP and not taking into consideration those who might want an Object interface versus a C++ / SDP O/A interface.

Robin writes…
Do we need SDP ”blob” format in the exchange in the first place? All media

can be done without SDP given an intelligent stream API. An API already
exists to create these streams (albeit somewhat lacking if we remove the
SDP ’blob’). This API helps “simplify” creating this blob for later
exchange. But the blob is truly not needed. Each side could in fact create
the desired streams, pass in the appropriate media information such as
codecs and ICE candidates and chose the socket pair to multiplex upon.
Yes, it’s a bit more low level but it certainly can be done (and cleanly).


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