WebRTC Q4 2013 – W3C, IETF, Expo Events

For anyone following WebRTC, Q4 2013 will be a busy time. Here is a list of the major events happening related to WebRTC:

IIT RTC Conference and Expo – Chicago, IL
October 15-17

Realtime Conference – Portland, OR
October 18-19

(Standards) IETF 88 – Vancouver, BC
November 3-8

(Standards) W3C TPAC – Shenzhen, China
November 11-15

WebRTC Conference & Expo – Santa Clara, CA
November 19-21

WebRTC Exhibition and Conference – Paris, FR
December 10-12


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2 responses to “WebRTC Q4 2013 – W3C, IETF, Expo Events”

  1. Dean Bubley says :

    Thanks for this.

    Also I’m doing a WebRTC tutorial workshop (with Tim Panton of Tropo) at ICIN in Venice on Oct 14th – http://www.icin.co.uk/tutorials/2013#tut2

    Will also be covering WebRTC in various other events including the TADS (Telecom App Devs Summit) conference in Bangkok in Nov 21-22


    Dean Bubley

  2. Francis Kurupacheril says :

    Excellent – thanks for the information !

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