IETF 87 Berlin – RTCWEB Agenda

As we can see, MTI Video codec is not present in the agenda. It seems it was pushed back until the IPR issues surrounding VP8 have come to some sort of conclusion. Maybe we should include both VP8 and H.264 for MTI, that or the industry will do it for us if we wait long enough.

Draft Agenda
Chairs: Magnus Westerlund, Cullen Jennings, Ted Hardie

August 1, 2013
9:00 to 11:30

Should SDES be part of WebRTC security practice and, if so, how?
Presentations: 30 minutes
Discussion: 45 minutes

Post-Plan A/Plan B MMUSIC discussion of impact to RTCWEB documents
Presentation: 30 minutes
Discussion: 30 minutes

Security document updates
Presentation: 5 minutes
Discussion: 10 minutes

August 2, 2013
11:20 to 13:30

Chair review of dependencies in other groups: 10 minutes

Use Case Requirements updates:
Presentations:: 15 minutes
Discussion: 15 minutes

Data channel:
Issues list presentation: 45 minutes
Discussion: 45 minutes

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