Video: WebRTC Introduction (revisited)

For those who missed this video the first time around, here is a great introduction to WebRTC (Real-time Communication on the web via HTML5 & JavaScript) from Cullen Jennings, Cisco Fellow & Co-chair of WebRTC & RTCWEB Working Groups in the IETF / W3C & advisor at Hookflash.

Cullen covers plenty of ground, focusing on the standards work surrounding this newly proposed standard that is WebRTC. A must watch for those interested in WebRTC. Sadly, there has been zero progress regarding MTI video codecs since this video was shot/uploaded 8 months ago. This MTI video codec issue really needs to be put to bed at the next IETF meeting in July.

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2 responses to “Video: WebRTC Introduction (revisited)”

  1. Marc Abrams (@marca56) says :

    It looks like VP8 got a huge boost after settlement between Google and MPEG-LA. I think the Nokia threat is empty.

  2. Erik says :

    Would be great if that in fact was the case, there still one patent holder out there that has not signed the MPEG-LA agreement :/

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