New CU-RTC-Web Prototype – Roaming

CU-RTC-Web - Roaming


The crew at Microsoft is forging ahead with their “CU-RTC-Web” specification as a counter proposal to the new WebRTC / RTCWEB  proposed standard in the W3C and IETF. My colleague Robin Raymond and I certainly align with Microsoft on some issues, more specifically around SDP but it would have been good if this work took place inside the IETF.

I really can’t see Microsoft changing their tune anytime soon, which means that Enterprise web application developers will likely need to support both WebRTC and CU-RTC-Web if they are to be a plugin-less solution enabling RTC across all browsers. Not ideal.

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    Your post raises a couple of important points. CU-RTC-Web contributes a set of proposals for the eventual W3C WebRTC standard, which is a part of the ongoing discussion in IETF. The W3C process requires that multiple implementations of a standard are demonstrably interoperable before it achieves formal standardization. More details are available in our FAQ here –

    Mark Gayler
    Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

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