The RTCWEB Bof meeting starts in less than 5 minutes. To some, the most anticipated meeting of IETF 80.

Proposed charter (truncated)…

The WG will perform the following work:
1.     Define the communication model in detail, including how session management is to occur within the model.
2.     Define a security model that describes the security goals and how the communication model can achieve these goals.
3.     Define how NAT and Firewall traversal is to occur.
4.     Define which RTP functions and extensions that shall be supported in the client and their usage for real-time media, including media adaptation to ensure congestion safe usage.
5.     Define what functionalities in the solution, such as media codecs, security algorithms, etc., that can be extended and how the extensibility mechanisms works.
6.     Define a set of media formats that must or should be supported by a client to improve interoperability.
7.     Define how non RTP datagram and byte stream data communication between the clients can be done securely and in a congestion safe way.
8.     Provide W3C input for the APIs that comes from the communication model and the selected components and protocols that are part of the solution.

Aug 2011 Architecture and Security and Threat Model sent to W3C
Aug 2011 Use cases and Scenarios document sent to W3C
Sept 2011 Architecture and Security and Threat Model to IESG as Informational
Sept 2011 Use cases and Scenarios for RTCWeb document sent to IESG as Informational
Dec 2011 RTCWeb and Media format specification(s) to IESG as PS
Dec 2011 Information elements and events APIs Input to W3C
Apr 2012 API to Protocol mapping document submitted to the IESG as Informational (if needed)

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