Apple unveils new 3G tablet iPad, no phone, but VoIP?

Apple iPad Tablet

Looks like the new iPad will come with unlocked GSM + WiFi but no actual phone.

Apple iPad Tablet

Apparently all iPhone apps from the app store will work and the device also supports Bluetooth. This begs the question, will the VoIP apps from the app store function on this device? Sounds like they should.

The device will sell for $499 for WiFi and $629 for WiFi + GSM.

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28 responses to “Apple unveils new 3G tablet iPad, no phone, but VoIP?”

  1. Sue Norris says :

    No phone is a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to pay for two devices plus high speed internet service. For now I will stick with my Iphone 3gs see what the future brings.

  2. Tina says :

    Hi and thanks for the info.

    So can you use it as a phone too? Or is it just VoIP and how will that work? Is it like a MAGIC JACK over the internet where you can use your phone? Thanks and look forward to your reply. Tina

  3. anon says :

    Does it have a microphone input?

    I’m considering using voip with the $30 unlimited dataplan. And I’ll get a used whatever-phone-can-run google voice to use on the sparest of regular cell plans. And google voice.

  4. vince martin says :

    500 bucks and no phone—!:)?-it’s a baby laptop! –no phone —no deal–:(

  5. Erik Lagerway says :

    It looks ot have USB inputs so I suspect it will support USB headsets (via the dock). Needless to say it supports bluetooth so I assume you could pair your bt headset as well for use with VoIP.

  6. mikey legit says :

    Idk if it will work but my idea is pay for my iphone unlimited data plan then whenever I need some 3g on my ipad just pop my sim card into the completely unlocked 3g ipad. not necessarily convenient but it is cheaper than 30 extra bucks

  7. leo says :

    Can I use my iphone to hook up with the ipad, and use voip.

  8. Erik Lagerway says :

    Input and Output

    * Dock connector
    * 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack
    * Built-in speakers
    * Microphone
    * SIM card tray (Wi-Fi + 3G model only)

  9. Fresno DUI Attorney says :

    What a disappointment. It’s just a huge iPhone.

  10. paul says :

    Will there be limitations on VOIP use for the 3G network like there is for the Iphone?

  11. meshell says :

    AT&T as only service offered is a deal-breaker for too many people. If other providers are available in the extremely near future, this ipad.. and the iphone, will be unbelievable sucess stories beyond Apple’s wildest dreams.

    their business sense at the moment is found lacking.

    • Erik Lagerway says :

      @meshell, the iPad comes unlocked, meaning not tied to any service provider, including AT&T. So, in theory you could take this to any GSM provider and it should work just fine. The only question is can you find another provider who will see you a unlimited data only plan.

  12. Tim says :

    Apple, please say I can use my bluetooth headset to make voice calls with a 3G subscription! Surely this feature was not specifically mentioned only because it is so obvious, right?

  13. Schelley says :

    This is another device that Apple made that is awesome ..

    Come on try the Apps on it , now it opens even more doors !

    Great Job !


  14. Eusebio Sessom says :

    I know the new apple ipad looks great and cant wait to get one for the girlfriend. Nice website by the way.

  15. Maren Kate says :

    I love the concept of ipad. But I think a lot of people are going to wait for the next versions which would contain some added functionalities.

  16. Filbert says :

    Mac’s in fashion iTablet will rapidly evolve after the first pumped up launch during it’s launch. The A4 chip and Mac’s potential to fix issues will definitly to make the iPad a huge product in years to come.

  17. Doug says :

    No phone, no camera, no multi-tasking, NO DEAL. Give me a phone. I’m not carrying around an iPhone and an oversized (yet underdeveloped) iPod Touch. Come on, Apple, WASTED POTENTIAL!

  18. Ryan says :

    I just can’t imagine adding on to my already steep AT&T bill for stuff my iPhone already does. If I were to get one, I would get the Wi-Fi only one, but I think I’ll just wait for them to give us phone capabilities. Maybe even some sort of bluetooth tethering that allows you to use your iPhone as the handset for the iPad that might be in a briefcase nearby. I could think of a number of opportunities to be had in being able to interface those two. Anyways, hopefully the next generation will include phone capabilities.

  19. Daniel says :

    @mikey legit – you can’t swap SIM cards since Apple specifically used a different sized card that’s not compatible with yours.

    I’d suggest waiting for an iPad v.2 when they get their act together.

  20. Josh says :

    The Ipad is useless we dont need another Iphone or Itouch we need an Itablet… What a waste, no flash? My blackberry does more!

  21. tom says :

    I don’t care about the flash, don’t care about only using ATT (honestly everything works fine with them on the iPhone- no complaints. I don’t ‘like’ any phone company, but I can’t imagine one I would since cingular went away) But not being able to make phone calls is a deal breaker.
    I’m at the end of my contract with ATT now on the iphone, would love to switch to ipad. But the skype app still doesn’t support 3g (even though apple will let them) and the icall app is terrible, can’t hear more than 5 seconds of a call yet even over my wifi.
    Add to that the fact that the iPad won’t multitask so you would never know you were getting a call unless you had the app on 24 hours a day. Which brings me to a question.
    The iPhone doesn’t multitask, but it will interrupt your usage of any app when you get a call. Couldn’t the same happen with a VOIP app?
    All the complaints are funny since most of them were never apples target market in about a decade.
    ‘Big ipod’ IS pretty lame to me but just a ‘big iphone’ that’s all I want it to be. A tablet computer would be well over 3 grand I’m sure, and I’d pass on it without a doubt. I already have a computer.

  22. bestes handy says :

    The Ipad looks like fun to play with, but I doubt if you can really work with it? But many people will buy it because of it look.

  23. Esse Quam Videri says :

    Seems silly to me to make the device 3G capable and then not allow it to be a phone. With a Bluetooth headset and the iPad in your backpack it could have worked fine. This is what you get when you buy from “our way or the highway” Apple. Wait for a Touchpad with Andrioid on it and you will get more.

  24. Eric says :

    I will buy the iPad when they add phone with bluetooth, web cam, USB, multi-tasking,flash video support, wi-fi print support, hand writing recognition, file system support, SD card support. Heck, if they can do this, I’ll pay the extra bucks and convert to Apple fan.

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