Will Rogers follow AT&T's lead and allow VoIP over 3G? Yes.

Now I can get it on the App Store!

Yes, they will.

Jailbroken iPhone running VoIP over 3G on Rogers

Jailbroken iPhone running VoIP over 3G on Rogers

1. Rogers has cornered the GSM market in Canada and is the only carrier to offer the iPhone, but that is about to change. Telus and Bell have tag-teamed to erect an HSPA+ network and will be offering the iPhone as early as next month. Just in time for the holiday season and with plenty of time to ready themselves for the 2010 games in Vancouver.

It’s true that 3G is not yet ubiquitous which mean VoIP over 3G is not something that will drive massive adoption in the near term, but it will be enough of a detractor for a good percentage of the users to not choose Rogers if Telus and Bell allow VoIP over 3G on the iPhone.

2. Rumors have it that Globalive / Wind Mobile is hot on trail of Rogers and will be completing Phase 1 of their network build-out as early as this spring. They too might be carrying the iPhone. None of the big three want to get beat out by the new guy on the block.

3. Other devices on the Rogers network already have apps that deliver VoIP over 3G service. It’s not the network that is the limiting factor here, it’s the Apple app store and the contract they have with the carriers representing the iPhone.

4. Net Neutrality. I am sure that Rogers would like to avoid getting dragged into the same kind of kerfuffle the FCC has been crowing about in the US. The Internet does not stop at the desktop, so why should those it be left out of such conversations, it simply shouldn’t.

It’s should also be clear that Apple would prefer it if the carriers would allow VoIP over 3G. It would mean more devices sold and more interesting apps in the app store. I just can;t see Apple saying “no thanks” to VoIP related (product and service) revenue in the app store.

I think the question is more a matter of ‘when’ as opposed to ‘if’. Hopefully it’s soon!

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3 responses to “Will Rogers follow AT&T's lead and allow VoIP over 3G? Yes.”

  1. ZipDroid says :

    strange that no comments are posted, kinda like the whole thing is discouraged. at any rate it is crucial to the new internet economy that sip and voip calling get adopted in the free market because that is what will make it possible for competition to thrive. think about it, the carriers are already getting the 60 bucks a month on contract i might add which could open up pre-paid 3g which is an interesting concept that proves the only reason the big four in the US dont want voip because they lose revenue until they get lte rolled out.

  2. Grover Bay says :

    I think it is wishful thinking in the short term. Without meaning ful national competition, Rogers doesn’t have that much to fear, in my opinion.

    Rogers earns revenue from LD charges so unless they can replace the income from that stream or competitors force the issue, I think we’ll be waiting a while.

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