Skype for SIP, it's about time!


Back in 2004 I wrote a post relating to the VON Canada Panel I sat on with Niklas Zennstrom. It was an interesting debate on open standards (SIP in this case) and closed networks, specifically Skype. I was quite vocal about how silly I thought Skype was not to include SIP, a few of you picked up on that 😉

It looks like something good came of the eBay purchase as we now see a Skype pushing towards open standards, good stuff!

On a similar note, I heard a rumour that it’s likely Jason Fischl the current CTO at Counterpath (Xten) will be going over to work with Jonathan Christensen (General Manager – Media Platform) at Skype. Jason was an early advocate of SIP in the IETF and works with some of the best minds on the subject: Cullen Jennings, Robert Sparks, Alan Duric come to mind.

This could get interesting.

I will do some testing with SkypeforSIP & Response Point and post the results along with my comments on what this new offer from Skype might mean for Response Point.

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4 responses to “Skype for SIP, it's about time!”

  1. Andrew says :

    If this turns out to be true, SILK integration to EyeBeam can’t be far away… !

  2. chao says :

    yeah i like sipphone and skype
    sip to skype is so good

  3. Advantia VoIP says :

    I am not sure that most businesses will get rid of their existing telephone service to use Skype’s service, but some may use the Skype service to communicate with employees internally. For example, a company may use Skype to make calls between corporate headquarters and employees who are travelling instead of using cell phones. Skype could help reduce costs when these traveling employees are overseas or outside their cell phone coverage area.

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