Hi everyone!

I am staring my first blog ever and I am very excited. Even though I have been an analyst for 9 years, I just never found the time or the opportunity to create a blog.

Maybe a brief introduction is appropriate. My name is Elka Popova and I manage Frost & Sullivan’s North American Unified Communications practice. My expertise is in hosted telephony, unified communications (hosted and premise-based), voice and unified messaging, telephony CPE implementation and management services, speech technologies, VoWLAN, enterprise telephony headsets, and recently, Response Point.

I would like to thank Mr. Erik Lagerway for letting me contribute to this site. I hope my future blogs reach an audience that finds them informative and somehow useful.

An article on hosted UC is coming up soon!

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4 responses to “Hi everyone!”

  1. Richard Sprague says :

    Good to see you here! Looking forward to your posts, especially about how hosting matches up to CPE based solutions: what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

  2. Kelley Marie Mitchell says :

    Congratulations on your new blog. Look forward to some new thoughts in the telecom space.

  3. Jeff Riggs says :

    Hi Elka, and congrats on your new blog. Look forward to hearing your insights in UC, especially hosted. Cheers.

  4. Commentpresence says :

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