Carolyn Schuk is Royally Pissed Off!

Carolyn Schuk, a great writer who wrote for San Jose Business Journal, Voxilla [and others] is stinking mad tonight. Her comments on a recent article “Women Poised to Buy 3G iPhone, But True Cost Still Unknown”, leaves little to the imagination.

What else could women possibly want besides a pink phone? A man who will love them in the morning?


Read the entire article for yourself (**not for the faint of heart)

Carolyn is obviously not happy, understandably. I am going to try and catch up with her tomorrow morning to get her thoughts on the current state of the communications blogosphere, stay tuned.


Update: I managed to catch up with Carolyn this afternoon. We talked about a few things, including what got her so heated.

I added the Lypp recording to my Lypp recordings RSS feed.

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