Unlimited Mobile Calling for Canadians

Rogers, Fido, Telus, and Bell not giving you Unlimited Mobile Calling in North America? 

Get Lypp's Mobile Unlimited and start saving!

We decided that Americans shouldn't be the only people who get to enjoy unlimited mobile calling in North America so we created a package ourselves.

The offer is simple, call any phone number(s) in North America, as much as you like, for a flat fee of $59/month.

If you live in Canada and call outside of your area you could easily save hundreds on your cellular bill every month.

Much like the previous Lypp Mobile offer, you will need a smart phone like a Blackberry, Windows Mobile device, Treo (etc.), or anything that supports Instant Messaging.

Want more info? You are going to have to wait until the new site goes live, just a few short weeks from now. Until then you could start saving by signing up today.

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