The Business of APIs – Conference


At the The Business of APIs Conference today, looking forward to a great day of conversation with like-minded people.

Just met with Oren Michels, Founder of Mashery. Great guy, truly understands the business of web services. I can see Lypp using Mashery's proxy API for reporting, authentication etc. There are some great case studies from Pikeo , Compete and RockYou.

I have just had a great conversation with Debbie Landa and Shay Nowick of Dealmaker Media. Shay asked a basic question, tell me what you do in one sentence, here it is… 

"Lypp is the EC2 /S3 of VoIP."

Simply put, we are the pay as you go web services provider for VoiP. Partners access our service via the RESTful API. If you want to integrate VoIP into your application, Lypp is a great place to start and complete your journey. The average time is takes for developers to make their first real phone call using the Lypp API is now less than 2 hours, and that's no joke. Get yourself a username and password to access the Lypp API, just email

Just had a great conversation with Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelist at Amazon. Sounds like some cool stuff is about to hit this eve, keep your ears to the rail.

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