Gaboogie delivers conference call notification for mobile users and attendee phone number updates mechanism.

The most obvious pain in setting up conference calls is the coordination and notification / invitation of those calls but also the hassle of having to remember the PIN and 1-800 number to call at the precise moment the call is happening.

Gaboogie's main selling point from the beginning was scheduled conference calls that call every participant at 3 different numbers without the need for a PIN. The conference call notifications are sent out via email which also includes the Toll Free number for users to dial into if they simply could not be called. Last Monday Gaboogie released conference call SMS notifications for mobile crowd.

In addition to SMS notification for conference calls a new feature was added that will help solve many of the age-old problems related to importing contacts into the phone book. Gaboogie now has a phone number update feature that helps with this. If you add a contact to your Gaboogie phone book and you do not have a phone number associated with that contact Gaboogie sends out an email that requests the user to add their relevant phone numbers and provides a link in that email which brings the attendee to a web page where they can update their phone numbers for that Gaboogie user's phone book. Now the moderator does not have to worry about having the most current numbers for gaboogie to call, the attendees will update that themselves.

This has been invaluable for some of the Gaboogie customers that have many recurring conference calls. The larger enterprise customers can now mandate that the attendees (usually staff) update their phone numbers so they can be called. Of course each attendee receives a conference notification via email (and SMS for mobile users) anyways so if they have not updated their numbers they can still dial into the call.

Some of the other features include conference call recording, private sub conferences and a real-time moderator console to assist in managing in-progress calls.

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