Gaboogie Launches Alternative to Traditional Conference Calling Services

Gaboogie v1.0 - conference calling updated - is ALIVE! 

Vancouver, Canada, May 7, 2007 – Gaboogie ( announced today the launch of its alternative to traditional conference calling services. "Traditional services require users to remember dial-in numbers and PIN codes and are frustrating and time-consuming," said Gaboogie Co-Founder Daniel Gibbons. "Calls don't start on time and some people miss the call altogether. The experience ranks right up there with standing in line at the airport or waiting on hold to talk to technical support."

Unlike traditional conference calling, Gaboogie's service automatically calls all conference attendees at the scheduled time and creates the call. Gaboogie also offers an intelligent interface for online booking, and a Dashboard for managing every aspect of the call. The conference organizer can record calls and syndicate using RSS, use the Dashboard to mute lines, add additional attendees on-the-fly and create private conversations within the conference.

"I've wanted to update the conference calling experience for a long time," said Gaboogie Co-Founder Erik Lagerway. "Lightweight, standards-based web interfaces have been created for almost every mainstream business application, but conference calling, something many business users do several times a day, has been largely ignored. We're looking forward to making things better."

Gaboogie users can call participants in over 70 countries, including the US, Canada, all EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Gaboogie:

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