Shift on track for Hottest Quarter to Date

Shift Networks sales teams are kicking butt and things are looking like this next quarter will shape up to be the best yet.

Keith Bradley, VP Sales Western Region for Shift had this to say about the increase in the numbers, “We attribute the fat funnels and extra growth we are seeing for this next quarter to hiring the right people, talking to the right people and the market just seems to be ready for us now.”

There is also a rumor (unfounded) that the Telus Mobility small medium business sales unit is closing down in Western Canada. If this is in fact true Shift could very easily experience even more explosive growth in Q2.

AlI know is that we have one of the best, if not the best, IP Communications networks in Canada and our sales group seems unstoppable! From where I am sitting, the telcos of old don’t seem to stand a chance of winning this one.

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