AJAX + IP comm, another great wave

I used to think that AJAX was just over hyped Java Script on steroids but I am quickly discovering (IMHO) that AJAX is the conduit leading us to the next gen of web app development.

The world seems to be hooked on wireless but reality says the desktop is still where most of us spend our business day. There is only so much time we can spend on the road, eventually we all have to come back to the keyboard.

Yes, mobility is a good thing but it is going to take a long time before it takes the place of a good Macbook err, laptop. So maybe this AJAX thing actually does have some legs. It would likely be a good idea for us all to pay attention to her, the Rails and our age-old friend PHP and RPC.

Web 2.0? Nah, TCP/IP is still there as it was, it is simply the next chapter but I have to be honest, it feels like something is about to blast wide open. There are some who have their fingers on the wrist of what seems to be a growing heartbeat, the next 2 years will be a blast.

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