Eyeball IM – Preliminary Beta

Holy VoIP! We have had an incredible response here to my posting announcing the Eyeball IM Beta. It looks like we are in for a great program.

Very soon we will be uploading our very first Beta version of the Eyeball Instant Messenger with VoIP, Video and Presence using SIP and XMPP to the Beta forum. If you have not already signed up for the beta you can do so by including the following info in an email to rsc AT eyeball.com:

[Primary email]
[IM id’s]

[Background – 250 words maximum]

I myself am looking forward to this software. I use 4 different IM services and although I like GAIM it’s still not enough. I use SIP-based VoIP networks and XMPP-based IM networks as well so GAIM is not quite there yet. The fact that I will have less apps running on my desktop makes me very happy.

The voice and video quality on this prelim beta is quite good. I am very sure that this initial app will change dramatically, not only in appearance, from the near term to our expected launch later this year.

If you have already sent in your info you will be receiving an email shortly providing you with further instructions.


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