Pirillo and Lagerway – part 1

Chris Pirillo and I spoke today on the MSN/Yahoo federation and why AOL has potentially missed the boat. We had a brief conversation on Eyeball’s new IM product as a Trillium replacement. The new iPod made it into the conversation with Chris telling Apple exactly where they can shove their current pay-for velcro arm straps among other things. We talked about the impact that Video Blogging will have now that this product is out there, according to Chris, not a hell of a lot.

The MP3: http://sipthat.com/mp3/Pirillo-gadaBe-10-12-2005-8.19.19PM.mp3

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We saved the best for last… Chris’s own Gada.be service.

I happen to think that Chris is on to something here, gada.be is essentially a Search Conduit for RSS which was initially built for mobile apps (Smartphones and PSP) but has mass appeal. I use it regularly now to search for VoIP news in the morning as part of my wake-up ritual. http://voip.gada.be/. It rocks for current news research, check it!

Don’t forget to sign on to Chris’s weekly podcast tomorrow eve: http://thechrispirilloshow.com

fyi, until I figure out how to get my new home completely dialed with iTunes podcasting and iron out a few technical issues I will be double posting there and here.

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