New Beta Instant Messenger

In an effort to build the world’s best IM client Eyeball Networks is reaching out to technically savvy end-users.

Those of you who are sick to death of Instant Messenger products which are not interoperable and do not support open standards will be very happy to know that this soft client was conceived to be the one and only messaging and communications end point you will need.

Take part in Eyeball’s exclusive IM beta testing and review program. This new IP Communications client comes with fully integrated voice, video and instant messaging. Supporting; SIP, XMPP, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, high quality voice with wide-band audio codecs, plus real-time video by way of H.263, H.264 and our own EyeStream video codecs.

Help Eyeball test the best built IM client out there. To participate in the Eyeball IM beta, send your request to rsc AT with the following information:

[Primary email]
[IM id’s]

[Background – 250 words maximum ]

Those selected will also receive an Eyeball T-shirt!

See you in the beta forum!

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