Where's the beef !?

Several days ago Chris Pirillo and I had conversation about the various IM clients out there and the one that that really pisses Chris and I off is the lack of interop. Open standards of course would be the best way to solve this but as Chris mentions in the interview it will be a while before this happens across the board.

According to Chris, it would seem that he thinks the second best alternative is a hybrid client that can connect to these other proprietary networks ie. Yahoo, AOL , MSN and maybe Skype but also complies with open standards like SIP and SIMPLE and/or XMPP.

Well, I don’t know of ANY client that does all of this today but if there were one that was reliable and feature-rich I would download it in a second. I am getting really sick of running 4 IM clients. Hmmm, maybe I am on to something here 🙂

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