P2P VoIP is Hot and Getting Hotter

With Avaya’s purchase of Nimcat and eBay’s purchase of Skype I think it’s obvious that P2P VoIP is one hot topic with investors and press lately.

Something that surprises me is the lack of Video in these offerings. Neither Skype nor Nimcat offer video. Yes, Skype has said it is working on Video but it would seem as though the technology needs work. At the recent VON show Niklas Zennstrom was supposed to make his keynote via Skype’s new video component but it failed and hence no keynote.

I think P2P VoIP has merit but in order for it to really take off it must be standards-based and offer all the features.

If 2004 was the year of VoIP maybe 2005 is the year of P2P VoIP.

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