Racing to next VoIP meeting = police altercation

VON was such a huge success for eyeball we decided to roll with punches and continue on to NYC to paste a few more zeros on our revenue numbers for the quarter.

On the way a funny thing happened. In order to conserve some time our very patient CEO, who was driving at the time, decided that total gridlock was completely unacceptable and quickly found a solution in the emergency lane. Our driver thought it was very fitting for us to be in the emergency lane since we indeed had an emergency. Afterall, if we did not make our numbers this quarter someone was surely going to pay for it.

The adventure was cut short when a police cruiser jumped in behind us at which time we proptly got back into the right lane. The cop was unimpressed to say the least but then things took a twist… when our CEO told the officer that the emergency was that we had to race to our next appointment or the next floater that was to turn up in the East River would closely resemble a certain sales person the officer was clearly flabbergasted. He was so beside himself he simply sped off muttering obscenities. If that wasn’t funny enough, not more than 3 minutes later we spotted the cruiser pulling over another victim. Based on the cavity search posturing of the cop I would say this second group did not have quite as good an excuse for driving in that lane.

It happenend over an hour ago, we are still driving and I am still laughing.

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