Eyeball Networks has a new COO – Erik Lagerway

I am very happy to be joining Eyeball as COO and think this private BC company is in an excellent position to do some great things in the SIP endpoint and IM server market. The technology along with the customer list is very impressive indeed. My job here will be to spur innovation, drive product strategies, assist in the adoption of open standards and reinvigorate various marketing efforts.

Something that really excites me about Eyeball is the quick turn-around on engineering projects and the number of devices we support today. Software for set-top boxes (Linux and embedded Linux), PCs, Pocket PCs with both voice & video today!

As for VON, we expect the show to be very good for us and we will be announcing some important news regarding VoIP security tomorrow. Stay tuned!

The Press Release:

Anyone interested in having a business meeting with me regarding eyeball should email me: erik@REMOVETHISeyeball.com.

Thanks Tom!, Andy, Om.

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