Our media is changing – Video Blogging is the catalyst

I have been an advocate of Video Blogging for a while now and I sincerely think that vlogging is the catalyst we need to bring independent film makers right into your living room.

Today you will find a wide assortment of crappy (crappy to me might not be crappy to someone else) home videos out there but there are also a few very well put together Vlog Programs or Vlogcasts, as I like to call them, which I watch regularly. Rocketboom is decent and maybe not always be rich with content I would like to watch but it offers something different that I find appealing. Hmm, maybe it’s the uncensored tell like it is attitude?

At any rate, set-top’s like Akimbo will become more and more popular as time goes on. Our media is changing rapidly and the advertising mantra of days gone by are slipping by the wayside.

If you want to get involved check out Vloggercon, Videoblogging.info and Freevlog.org. It’s your media after all!

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