The Future of VoIP Podcast – Episode 8 – Gary Hermansen, CEO – Global IP Sound

Skype, GoogleTalk, Gizmo, and now MSN Messenger recognize why GIPs has a reputation for superior voice quality processing software. I thought it was about time we talked to the CEO of the perceived market leader. Mr. Hermansen talks about where they are focused today and also what they will be announcing shortly which includes a Video engine, whoa! Global IP Sound has been powering Skype’s voice virtually since the beginning, hear what Gary has to say about their revenues, product announcements, market penetration and future goals…this is GOOD stuff!–CEO-GIPS.mp3

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Gary Hermansen, President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Hermansen brings to Global IP Sound over 20 years of sales and business experience from the telecommunication, Internet and semiconductor industries. In addition to his experience as CEO of Brightmail, Mr.
Hermansen was President and General Manager of Glenayre Consumer Products and held senior positions at Wireless Access, Cypress Semiconductor and Intel.

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