The Future of VoIP Podcast – Episode 6 – Ben Lilienthal CEO, Vapps

The future of audio conferencing seems to be in good hands with Ben over at Vapps. Ben talks about their very popular XML front-end Linux based platform and also mentions their newest and very large customer whose name starts with an “A”. You will have to listen to find out who.

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Mr. Lilienthal is experienced spotting market needs and executing successful sales and distribution strategies around them. Prior to launching Vapps in 2002, Mr. Lilienthal founded Nascent Technologies, where he identified an early opportunity for web-enabled email and solely raised the capital investment to expand the company’s sales, marketing and software development efforts. As a result, Nascent became one of the first companies to introduce the product to the marketplace and was able to gain significant market share through OEM/VAR relationships and license deals with major telecommunications companies worldwide, including France Telecom, Belgacom and Hong Kong Telecom. In May 1999, Mr. Lilienthal sold Nascent to CMGI, which was subsequently acquired by Sendmail Inc. in 2001.

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