The Future of VoIP Podcast – Episode 5 – Tim Burne CEO, VegaStream

Tim Burne, CEO at VegaStream provided some interesting insight into the analog VoIP market today. Apparently digitial subs have not taken over the analog market, contrary to popular opinion. Tim talked about a new product they brought to market today and also what Vegastream’s intentions are in the residential market.

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Since Tim joined VegaStream in 2000, Tim successfully led the company’s management buy-out from Pace Micro Technology plc and has focused on delivering robust products and developed solutions to the market. He was made CEO in 2002. Prior to VegaStream Tim built and ran
a business unit designing and prototyping infrastructure equipment for the telecom industry for APW Electronics, and retained global responsibility for NPI within the company. Earlier on in his career Tim held various positions in design, manufacturing and general management with world-class electronics and engineering companies. He has an Honours degree in Engineering from Brunel University.

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