Feature Podcast: Chris Pirillo on IM and VoIP

I wanted to get Chris‘s feedback on some recent events including GoogleTalk, eBay/Skype and the proprietary IM scene. We had some great (uncensored) conversation about the problems with Instant Messaging today and what Chris is doing to make it right. Chris also talks about lining up the big IM vendors on a panel at Gnomedex, a very cool technocrat convention he puts on in Seattle each year.


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Chris Pirillo, best-selling author and creator of the award-winning Lockergnome series of online publications, has found the answers to harnessing the potential of technology. Profiled by such publications as The New York Times, Fortune, and Inc. Magazine, Pirillo has made the corporate and electronic elite stand up and take notice with the technical tips and trends built into his ventures. Pirillo continues to attract hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers, including some of Silicon Valley’s highest profile innovators. He’s found advertisers in thought leaders, including Google and Microsoft.

TELEVISION: As the host, infotained on a program for TechTV
RADIO: As talent, pulled in high ratings for AM 1040 WHO

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