The Future of VoIP Podcast – Episode 4 – Jeff Thompson on WiMAX and VoIP

Interested in hearing how WiMAX will give not only the cable and DSL providers but also the EVDO and 3G providers a run for their money? Listen to this podcast with Jeff Thompson, COO at TowerStream. Learn how 802.16e will inject mobility into VoIP and push that concept over the top. Recently ToweStream signed a deal with Vonage, I see big things for these guys in the future of VoIP and IP communications.

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Jeff will be part of the VON panel on Thursday, September 22nd: WiMax: Wi – Yes, Wi – Not, 1:30-2:45 PM

Mr. Thompson is the co-founder and the technology/operations leader of TowerStream. Thompson has created a new model for delivering reliable bandwidth to the commercial market. By leveraging second-generation multipoint fixed wireless technology, TowerStream has built an expandable network that is 99.99% reliable. Thompson represents TowerStream in the WiMAX Forum. He is frequently quoted in media because of his expertise in WiMAX, Fixed Wireless, and 802.16.

Prior to founding TowerStream, Thompson was founder and Vice President of Operations of eFortress, a privately held ISP. Under Thompson’s leadership, eFortress became one of New England’s largest ISPs. Thompson was responsible for eFortress’ growth to 20 markets across the country and he oversaw technical integration during nine ISP acquisitions.

He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from UMASS.

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