Podcast Series – The Future of VoIP – Episode 3 – Henry Sinnreich

Henry Sinnreich talks about “Presence. The New Dialtone”. Henry and I had a great discussion about what will drive IP communications in the future, presence playing a very important part. I have great respect for Henry, take a listen.


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Dr. Sinnreich is at present CTO at Pulver.com and is working on new Internet communication services.

Henry Sinnreich has held various engineering and executive positions at MCI and has been involved in Internet and multimedia services for over 10 years, including the development of the MCI flagship MCI Advantage service based on SIP. Previous work at MCI includes microwave radio, lightwave engineering, digital cross-connects, laboratory testing, long distance telephony switching, frame relay, SMDS, and web based IT systems.

Dr. Sinnreich was also a contributor to early Internet work, such as the upgrade by MCI of the NSF IP network, the first IP Gigabit trial network in the N.E. USA Corridor, RSVP validation on the IP wide area network and support for the global internetMCI IP service.

Henry Sinnreich is also a contributor to the SIP and multimedia related working groups in the IETF.
Henry Sinnreich has been awarded the title of Pioneer for VoIP in 2000 at the VON conference in Stockholm, Sweden and is a co-founder and former member of the board of the International SIP Forum. Henry Sinnreich is a member of the IEEE and ACM and is also a frequent speaker and lecturer on Internet communications; he has a number of publications on this topic and has co-authored the books “Internet Communications Using SIP” and “SIP Beyond VoIP”.

Please see the book online at http://www.vonmag.com/books

Table of Contents: http://www.vonmag.com/docs/SIPBeyondVoIPToC.pdf

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