Everyone is VoIP Crazy!

Yes, truly nuts I say. Microsoft finally owned up to buying Teleo, (why they bought I am not sure and I probably never will understand), Google launched Talk, AOL and it’s VoIP service.. bla bla bla. One has to wonder when Pepsi or Coke are going to start offering their own VoIP phone service OR… maybe MacDonald’s will bundle it with their wi-fi offering, oh yeah, that wi-fi and a cheeseburger thing kinda flopped, didn’t it?

What does all this VoIP hype mean and more importantly what does VoIP mean for the consumer?

Well, it’s not just about VoIP. Audioblogging, Videoblogging and Citizen Journalism are having an impact and are pushing the envelope of media as we know it.

Roll it all up and we can see the outline of a digital media blitz. News Corp buying everything in site including alleged talks with a VoIP provider Skype, the writing is on the wall. VoIP, IM, News, Reporting, blogging via text, video and audio properties are being snapped up fast by the content kings. Let’s just hope the Internet stays mainly tax and regulation free!!

2 responses to “Everyone is VoIP Crazy!”

  1. Ant Onaf says :

    Microsoft Has Acquired Teleo

    This is a new area for the software giant.  Microsoft has purchased Teleo Inc., a provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software and services that enable people to…

  2. The Internet Stock Blog says :

    VoIP Rush: Microsoft Buys Teleo, News Corp to Buy Skype, Vonage IPO? (MSFT, NWS)

    Following Google’s launch of Google Talk, Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) last night announced that it has acquired voice over IP (VoIP) company Teleo for an undisclosed sum. Teleo’s web site (now switched to a Microsoft domain) describes its pro…

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