Aside Technologies – the little company that never was

Some of you may have noticed that I was working with David Bryan to create a new P2P SIP project, that being Aside Technologies. Aside was to build a P2P SIP toolkit for those interested in integrating this new extension to SIP into their offering.

Before even getting started we encountered some legal issues and have since decided to walk away from the company before David integrated any of his IPR. He spent the better part of the last 2 years working on it and we felt before integrating his technology and IPR into the company we would feel out the industry for a while. We had not even set up Visual Studio yet on the first engineering PC at Aside when I received the letter from the lawyers. We both felt it was not worth getting into a legal battle over as there are far too many opportunities out there for David and I as independent consultants.

It’s too bad really, Aside was on track to do some really great things. Anyone interested in P2P SIP should add David’s website as a favorite, he is seriously plugged in.

So there you have it, Aside Technologies is now history and I am now officially consulting again. Those interested in buying &

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  1. VoipedUp says : revisited…

    So I was reviewing my afternoon news and noted the post on Erik’s blog ( that aside is now not actually anything more than a memory. I guess this answers the question of Xten’s involvement. Now I’m curious what happened there. …

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