Interview: Cullen Jennings – Adhoc P2P SIP Meeting at 63rd IETF

P2P VOIP was made famous by Skype, but what does the future of P2P VoIP look like?

Cullen Jennings – Distinguished Engineer in the Voice Technology Group at Cisco, has some great insight into what just took place at the 63rd IETF Meeting in Paris.

The exclusive interview | MP3 | 8MB | 24Mins:

Cullen makes some great comparisons to Skype and talks about some very interesting applications for open standards P2P VOIP, disaster relief communications and security came up.

Some questions answered:
– What was this adhoc meeting on P2P SIP all about at the IETF?
– Do you think P2P SIP will have a profound affect on VoIP?
– How would P2P SIP compare to Skype’s P2P model?
– Is it better or worse than Skype’s model?
– Do you see P2P SIP replacing the SIP Proxy in traditional SIP networks?
– Will there be a P2P SIP Working Group in the IETF anytime soon?
– Where do we go from here?

Comments are certainly welcome.

I will be posting links to the mailing lists and other resources in the next few days.

UPDATE | Tuesday Aug 9 2005
P2P SIP IETF Mail List:

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