63rd IETF Meeting

Nearing an end, the 63rd IETF meeting was from most reports a success. Even though I could not make it to this meeting (my 1 month old son decided it was not a good idea 🙂 I have had some reports come back from a few colleagues who did attend and commented that there certainly was progress made on the IP communications front.

In talking with Cullen Jennings, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco, he mentioned that there was an adhoc meeting on P2P SIP which 125 people showed up for. “This is a large group for an adhoc meeting” said Cullen. He also said there were some well defined ideas of things that P2P SIP could be used for. There was also talk of creating a working group (WG) for P2P SIP.

On the MSRP front it would seem as though this is pretty much done as there were no open issues raised and it looks like this is on it’s way to the IESG.

More to come shortly…

One response to “63rd IETF Meeting”

  1. VoIP Dude says :

    Yup, a good IETF meeting. The same day of the P2P SIP BOF, there was a VoIP Peering BOF that had around 150 – 200 people as well. Both subjects were popular.

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