There is a Neustar in the VoIP Sky

Not so new, Neustar is not only making millions from LNP (Local Number Portability) they are also seriously in the know regarding ENUM and other directory related services the VoIP industry will be potentially leaning on in the future. Not sure where they are these days with ENUM, I have pinged Richard Shockey, their Senior Manager – Strategic Technology Initiatives, will let you know what he has to say.


One response to “There is a Neustar in the VoIP Sky”

  1. Jean Sébastien says :

    I work for a consumer advocacy organisation in the Great White North and have been part of the discussions on ENUM in Canada.
    Clearly, Neustar has corporate interests in the development of ENUM.
    However, on first look, I would feel that the development of an ENUM databank (even by Neustar) has some merit in terms of making it easy for the average consumer to use VoIP in much the same way as Skype has become a bandwagon in which many consumers can jump in easily and quite comfortably maintain phone habits that are similar to those they have developed through years of using the PSTN.
    Can P2P SIP pass this average user test? If not, perhaps we might be better with a database manager.

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